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Towards a new future with the power of wine

Great wines that are not yet known in Japan are scattered all over the world. We, Kanow Corporation, aim to spread undiscovered wine throughout Japan and revitalize wine producers and Japan.

Leading this world, which has been weakened by the corona disaster, to a new future with the power of wine. That's what we think.


What I can do now with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although it has been eased little by little, the situation is still severe due to the corona misfortune.
As a restaurant owner, I am still in a difficult situation to say that I have completely returned to the pre-corona situation.

Meanwhile, while running a restaurant, I also got a sommelier license because I loved wine, and while drinking various wines, I started thinking about importing.

Is there anything you can do in the Corona Vortex?
I want to do a job related to wine while restaurants are in a difficult situation.
With that in mind, I spend my days digging into the internet and researching various things.

And finally I found "what I want to do" and "what I can do".
That was the way of the wine importer.

Knowing that there are still many undiscovered wines, I would like to introduce more wonderful wines from around the world to Japan. And I want to spread it.

The taste is completely different depending on the grape variety, so I would like people who don't like white wine and red wine simply because they are sour to drink more stylishly and healthily according to their meals.

Executive director Kuniko Kobata

- Profile -
JSA Certified Wine Sommelier & Wine Expert
"SAKURA" Japan Women's Wine Awards 2022 judge member
Owner of the restaurant [Creative Izakaya Shunsai Kitchen Ichikaede]

About the company name and logo

I put my thoughts into it so that my wish would come true.

The company name "Kanow" contains the hope that the wish to overcome corona and difficulties will be "fulfilled (Japanese)".

The logo uses a glass of red wine and the initial letter "K" as a motif to express the sail of a ship crossing the sea. It expresses the will to discover a new world and make a leap forward, just like in the Age of Discovery.

The colors are based on brown, which represents the soil that is essential to wine making, and the red of passionate red wine, which is the root of life.

Company Profile

Company name
Kanow Corporation

9-103 Yamabuki-cho, Wakayama, 640-8065 JAPAN

June 2022

Executive director
Kuniko Kobata

Business content
・Import and sale of wine
・Import and sale of wine miscellaneous goods (planned)

Liquor sales license number
Wakayama Sake No.104 (Japan only)

Handling wineries