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connecting the world with wine

Kanow Corporation strives to become a bridge between Japanese consumers and wine producers through the import and sale of wine.

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Wine import

We import wines that are not yet known to Japan, mainly from Europe, and sell them in Japan.

As the first step, we imported four types of wine from Bulgaria [YAMANTIEVS's VINEYARD (Bulgaria)] for the first time in Japan.
We plan to continue to expand the range of wines we handle, focusing on undiscovered wines, so please look forward to it.

Storage and shipping of wine
We pay close attention to the wine we receive and manage it at the optimum temperature and humidity for storage.
When the product is delivered to the customer, the sommelier representative will check the condition again, and will carefully pack and ship it.

Online store(Japan only)

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Kanow Corporation conducts online store sales for general consumers in Japan.

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Wine list

Handling wine

Bulgarian wine
In April 2022, we deal with wonderful wines from one of the top wineries [YAMANTIEVS's VINEYARD] located in Ivaylovgrad, Thracia Valley, Bulgaria. It is the soul, talent, love and spirit of Mrs. Ivana Yamatievy for wine.